We offer top Japanese Wagyu Brands here in the Philippines. A4 to A5 Grade. Matsusaka, Omi, Olive, Miyazaki, Hokkaido Wagyu and many more.
Discover our Signature Japanese Wagyu Brands. Olive-gyū, Matsusaka-gyū & Omi-gyū. Served at Famous Japanese Omakase Restaurants.
Clink, highball or on the rocks? Premium collection of Japanese Liquor and Spirits available at our Yutaka Distillery.
Korean Label
K-bbq night? We got you! Get your griller ready for our LA Galbi, Woosamgyup and other prime cuts for your samgyupsal night.
Looking for top-notch steaks? We bring to you our US Label collection, cuts of USDA and CAB Prime for your date night.
Australian Wagyu
Mouth-watering and Tender Australian wagyu steaks for you to savor. Marbling: MBS 5+. Fantastic ratio of fat to meat, balancely marbled.
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Yamazaki 12 Years
Yamazaki 18 Years
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Hibiki Harmony
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Hibiki 21 Years
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Hibiki 30 Years
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