Miyazaki A5+ Wagyu Misuji (Top Blade)

Weight: 0.155 kg - 0.165 kg

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Also known as Hon Misuji ミスジ -the top blade muscle , the cut literally means three lines because of little gristles that appear in the middle of the steak. This rare cut is highly marbled and tender with its sinew distinctive to others. Product: Miyazaki , Miyazaki Prefecture Origin: Japan

Thickness : 3/4 -1 inch thick cut
Yield and Quality Grade : A5+ BMS-11


Miyazaki Prefecture

Hailed as the Wagyu Champion, Miyazaki has already won three consecutive times in the Wagyu Olympics (2007, 2012, and 2017) and has even won the Prime Minister Award . Indeed, the best beef cattle in the competition and best tasting beef. Japanese Kuroge are raised in Miyazaki Prefecture, yielding the finest marbling of A5 cuts, exceptional quality of tenderness and balanced umami flavor.