Kagoshima A5+ BMS-12 Wagyu Sirloin

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Also known as Hireshita or saroin ( サーロイン ) Sirloin, a cut leaner than the ribeye is finely marbled with a balanced texture. It is highly tender and rectangular in shape. One of the best cuts of steak you could ever have.It is served in high-end steakhouses or Omakase. Product: Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture Origin: Japan

Thickness : 3/4 -1 inch thick cut
Yield and Quality Grade : A5+ BMS-12

Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture is the largest producer of Wagyu in Japan. The brand is the overall champion in the 2017 Wagyu Olympics. Their wagyu is known for its rich texture and well-balanced marbling. Approximately 70% of the beef shipped by Nozaki Farm is graded A5.