Hokkaido A5+ Zabuton Steak Cut

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Also called the Haneshita ハネシタ (chuck flap). The most beautiful marbling can be found in this cut and only small portion can be found in the carcass which makes it extremely rare. It literally means 'cushion or little pillow'. It is as tender as the filet mignon with rich umami taste. Product: Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture Origin: Japan

Thickness : 1/2 inch -3/4 inch cut

Yield and Quality Grade : A5+ BMS-12


Hokkaido Prefecture

The cold climate in Hokkaido yields the most impeccable quality, sweet buttery taste, and  exquisite marbling of the Hokkaido Beef. They rear their cattles up to 10 months and Hokkaido is known to be the birth place of Japanese Wagyu.